13.10.2022 | News Medium-sized businesses also struggle with information overload

A centralized company search is only for corporations and large authorities? No, says IntraFind and explains why SMEs and local governments can also benefit from it.

Today, companies and public authorities are sitting on a huge amount of information that is distributed across a wide variety of systems. Enterprise search software provides them with a powerful tool for managing and utilizing it. It connects all the necessary systems and data sources and makes them searchable from a single interface at a central location, across all systems and checked for access rights.

The capabilities of an enterprise search software go far beyond a simple full-text search. With AI technologies such as machine learning, Enterprise Search links content in an intelligent way. As a result, employees can search large data sets with little upfront information. They can quickly access all relevant content, make better use of existing knowledge, and thus work much more efficiently.

In the midmarket, the prejudice that the costs and benefits of enterprise search are out of proportion persists. Too complex, too expensive, and completely oversized for our data volume, are frequent concerns. This is by no means the case, says IntraFind. The specialist for enterprise search and AI explains why SMEs can benefit from this tool just as much as large corporations and local governments as well as state and federal authorities.

1. Medium-sized businesses also have "Big Data". Enterprise search is always worthwhile when employees literally can't find anything. Even in mid-sized companies, there is usually too much data for every employee to always know where a piece of information is stored or what its status is. File storage systems and e-mail server of an SME alone, easily accumulate +50,000 documents. Even with this amount, the rudimentary search functions of the source systems no longer help employees.

2. Projects and costs are manageable. With lean implementations, enterprise search solutions can be installed and connected to the necessary data sources in just a few hours or days. Their use is intuitive, so employees do not need any special training. As a result, the solution can quickly go into productive operation. The licenses for the software are modularly based on the requirements and goals and are transparent and comprehensible. Mid-sized companies only pay for what they search.

3. Enterprise Search can grow with your business. Through the initial implementation project, access to data is already systematized and centrally organized. As SMEs grow, they can quickly and easily connect additional data sources to the existing infrastructure. The software also supports spatial growth. It is usually multi-client capable and can search multilingual content. This means that new locations, including international ones, can be flexibly integrated into the central company search.

"Search software definitely offers added value to companies with as few as 50 PC workstations," says IntraFind CEO Franz Kögl. "Acquisition costs are kept within limits, and with employee productivity increasing significantly, they have already paid for themselves within a few months."

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