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Enterprise Search at Its Best: iFinder

Search and find – it’s what our enterprise search application iFinder does. But iFinder is much more than that. It’s also a tool that helps you process information quickly and accurately, gain valuable insights, and use these as a basis for making informed decisions.
Enterprise Search at it's best


iFinder helps you in your day-to-day work – specifically, it helps in what has become the daily search for important information and documents. You get the most relevant information right at the top of the hit list and can intelligently enhance this data using AI methods.

Take the next step in your company’s digital transformation by centralizing access to all company data with our enterprise search application through intelligent data integration.

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Enterprise Search - IntraFind

iFinder Confluence Search

This is a package we put together specifically for use in Confluence. Search your Confluence data with fast precision thanks to comprehensive understanding of language and intuitive features. The package is available in the Atlassian Marketplace.
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iFinder GDPR

iFinder GDPR helps you search internal data sources such as file servers or e-mail systems for personal data in a targeted way.
Get a quick, reliable overview of where exactly personal data is located.
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iFinder NetApp Search

We are the only enterprise search provider offering NetApp-certified software for powerful searching in NetApp file services with real-time indexing: allow us to present iFinder NetApp Search. It makes searching even in large data pools incredibly easy.
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Analyze documents and contracts smart and efficiently

Get quick insight into important document content with our Document Intelligence products.
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Document Analyzer

Document Intelligence is the key to all tasks that involve identifying relevant core information in any content - let's talk about documents here for simplicity's sake - and extracting it to then work further with this extracted data. Unstructured text becomes structured information in context - documents become data, aggregated data.

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Contract Analyzer

Whether you are looking for insights into employment contracts, rental agreements, or other documents, Contract Analyzer is the intelligent reading aid for lawyers and anyone else who needs to extract the most important data from documents and check risks. All relevant clauses and data points are extracted from contracts in seconds, and the text passages are listed in a user-friendly overview.

Review lots of contract passages quickly, work paperlessly directly in the application, and extract the information and analyses that are important for you and your team.

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Intelligent Searching on Your Company’s Website

Find out how you can improve the visibility of your content, increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website, and optimize your content for your target groups using a smart search solution.

iFinder Site Search (Software as a Service)

Need an easily integrable search solution for your website that your visitors can use to find exactly what they're looking for? A quick and straight-forward solution?

Contact us, we are happy to help.

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Further Products & Solutions

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Preconfigured packages

We offer a range of preconfigured packages that cover our customers' key use cases - for example, iFinder Liferay Search or iFinder M365 Search. In addition, we can of course easily configure and package other solutions.

Do you have a specific use case and would like to know if we have already covered it within a customer project?

Contact us - we will be happy to answer your questions.

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