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An affinity for technology, an ability to quickly understand concepts, and analytical skills

Career Paths at IntraFind – Markus Magdolen on his responsibilities as technical project manager at the enterprise search vendor

How companies can improve the quality of their data

Many companies struggle with the challenge of best leveraging their veritable treasure trove of data for business purposes. To get the most out of their data, they are strongly advised to increase its quality. IntraFind CEO Franz Kögl explains how organizations can use intelligent enterprise search software to make their data more easily searchable while at the same time actively managing it. Especially in scenarios relevant to compliance, doing so can protect them from legal consequences.

Enterprise search explained simply - the basics

Enterprise search applications may resemble familiar Internet search engines at first glance - but they differ both from a technical perspective and in terms of their intent. Sonja Bellaire, Head of Marketing at IntraFind, explains the basics of enterprise search for all those who are just starting to deal with this technology for efficient knowledge management in companies.

Three AI Trends for 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its Machine Learning (ML) subfield are often still abstract concepts for many organizations. How they can use these technologies in a concrete and realistic way is often not clear to them. Search and AI specialist IntraFind sees several trends in 2022 that will continue to drive the democratization of AI.

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