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Implementing an enterprise search software: 5 points to consider

The introduction of enterprise search software is a project that should be well-planned. In the following article, five points are presented that are often ignored, but are crucial for the success of the software introduction.

Information silos are annoying

Employees, whether in the home office or in the office, rightfully expect a trouble-free IT that doesn't disrupt their workflows. This includes fast and targeted access to information. However, many companies still lack in this area. Remedy can come from an unexpected corner.

Enterprise Search finds even the smallest needle in the haystack

There can never be too much information - at least that is the theory. However, in view of the rising flood of information, companies now often ask themselves how they can tackle the data flood and filter out information that is relevant to them. The software company IntraFind recommends the use of enterprise search solutions for this purpose. However, these must have at least the following three core characteristics.

How hard-to-find data slows down digital transformation in the enterprise

Digital transformation presents many companies with a dilemma: On the one hand, fast access to high-quality data is becoming a more and more decisive competitive factor. On the other hand, the data volume grows incessantly, buried in diverse information silos and isolated solutions. Good enterprise search software can help.

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