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Legal Tech: How lawyers benefit from digitisation

Lawyers avoid social networks, use the PC rather as a typewriter replacement and read thick law books instead of websites to solve their cases – this idea about the everyday working life of lawyers still prevails in many minds. Digitisation has long since also affected the legal departments in companies and also the work in law firms. Here are some practical examples of Legal Tech.

IntraFind delivers new search function for

iFinder5 elastic, which replaces the existing Google Search Appliance (GSA), will be used on the BMW Group's corporate websites in future. IntraFind works together with its long-standing partners TIE Kinetix as a proven integration specialist and Intelligent Views as experts for semantic modelling.

Enterprise Search for Lawyers

Contracts are usually pages long and exist in large quantities, often unstructured in the file system or are stored in systems with poor search options. Enterprise Search applications help to make contracts intelligently searchable, to get a comprehensive overview and not to overlook anything essential.

These five points are important for an enterprise search solution

With the right solution for the company-wide search, employees can quickly access relevant information. The Enterprise and Cognitive Search IntraFind specialist explains what to look for when choosing such a solution.

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