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AI for everyone? Transfer learning is a first step

Transfer learning is often hailed as a miracle cure for bringing artificial intelligence to market. The learning method uses already trained models as a starting point and can thus deliver results faster. As a result, transfer learning has the potential to accelerate AI deployment in companies, says Franz Kögl, CEO of IntraFind.

Bavarian Ministry of the Interior uses IntraFind Software

The search and analysis software iFinder is used at the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration. At this ministry, the software is used for searching NetApp file systems.

These three trends will characterize the AI year 2021

Transfer learning, cross lingual word embeddings and green AI: IntraFind explains three key AI trends for the coming year.

iFinder in use at the Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung

The enterprise search software iFinder by IntraFind is used by the BGE in the field of knowledge management.

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