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What companies should consider when introducing an enterprise search solution

Search specialist IntraFind explains eight central success factors for the implementation of a company-wide search.

Five must-haves for successful website search

A good website must not only look good, but also make information easily accessible. The search function plays a central role in this. Search specialist IntraFind explains which features a good website search should have.

IntraFind involved in new research project

Together with the project partners Technical University of Deggendorf and DATEV, the enterprise search specialist IntraFind is investigating the topic of "Natural Language Semantic Search in Big Data" in the SEMIARID (SEMantIc seARch big Data) project.

NLP means searching without problems

A lot of people are unaware of how much time they waste searching for documents in their working lives. The combination of AI-based search and analysis software with Natural Language Processing is here a real efficiency booster. IntraFind Software AG presents three efficiency-boosting use cases in the enterprise sector.

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