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06.07.2018 | News New release of iFinder5 elastic allows individually tailored hit lists

IntraFind presents version 5.2 of iFinder5 elastic. The central innovation of the Enterprise & Cognitive Search solution are search profiles, which can be used to flexibly set up customized information profiles for employees. In addition, the integration of the software into other applications has been further simplified.

The new search profiles of iFinder5 elastic enable companies to set up even more targeted searches for the individual requirements of individual employees or employee groups. For example, any filter queries can be used to restrict the search space for each profile from the outset to the data sources and document types that are really needed. The relevance and sequence of hits can be controlled per search profile according to criteria such as click frequency. They then depend on how often a certain document was displayed by all employees or even just by colleagues from their own department. But also the age of a document, the document language, its origin or its file format can be used as relevance parameters for the search profiles.

In this way, for example, it can be ensured that service desk staff are primarily shown content from FAQ databases and an internal service desk wiki during their searches. These two data sources are moved up in the hit list, while contents from less relevant data sources only appear further down. Employees in an R&D department, on the other hand, can prioritize data from the document management system and information on components and spare parts, for example. Search extensions can be used, for example, to automatically add the corresponding part names to part numbers.

Another possible use case are location-dependent search profiles. For employees in the internal communication of a global player, for example, not only Word documents and the data source "News" can be weighted up in the hit lists; in special, location-dependent search profiles, additional hits in the language of the respective country can be preferred. For an employee in the USA, for example, hits in English and only the news relating to the US location are prioritized.

The new search profiles of iFinder5 elastic are directly linked to the rights and roles management of the software. This ensures that each user is offered in his selection list only those profiles for which he is authorized. The solution's secure search concept also ensures that only authorized documents are ever displayed.

In addition to the new search profiles, the integration of the iFinder5 elastic into other applications has been further simplified. Administrators can now use the iFinder5 elastic standard for integration with applications such as Atlassian Confluence, MS Outlook and MS SharePoint. You no longer need further integration elements for this.

"The new release of iFinder5 elastic now offers administrators the possibility to generate individual search profiles directly from the standard software. This further increases the usability and personalizability of the intelligent search. Users receive tailored hit lists that lead them even faster and more directly to the content they need for their daily work," says Franz Kögl, CEO of IntraFind in Munich. "With this, the iFinder further enhances its enterprise readiness and expands its lead in terms of corporate suitability."