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18.03.2021 | News Intelligent search and analysis software for authorities

The digitalization of the working world and the use of artificial intelligence is also an important factor for public authorities to improve the efficiency of processes and thus provide better citizen services. IntraFind, specialist for enterprise search and AI, summarizes in four points how intelligent search systems help to achieve this efficiency.
Digitization and AI increase efficiency in public administration

The public administrations in Germany have huge amounts of data at their disposal, which is manifested in laws, administrative regulations, implementing provisions and in the many personal details of citizens. The federal organization of the Federal Republic of Germany into central, state and local governments, as well as the large number of authorities, also causes this data to be distributed across many different systems and storage locations rather than being held in a uniform manner.

For the complex content-related tasks of administrations, the deployment of an organization-wide enterprise search solution that can demonstrate amazing document search and analysis capabilities with AI support is an obvious choice. The four most important capabilities of such an application are:

  1. Simple and intelligent search helps users in public administrations and companies to find any content in large amounts of data. It doesn't matter whether the data is in specialist applications, on internal servers, in the cloud, in wikis or within email systems and databases. Even the format is not important: A modern search solution can index hundreds of different file formats in seconds. This includes scanned documents as well as audio and video files. After indexing, government employees can easily use these documents for content searches without any special knowledge.
  2. Specially trained and adaptive algorithms also support administrations with artificial intelligence, for example, in checking submitted applications and in other demanding tasks, such as researching legal texts and commentaries. For this purpose, there are algorithms trained with machine learning that are specialized, for example, in legal texts or relevant data protection regulations such as GDPR. With data from other subject areas, they can also be used for other tasks.
  3. Strict compliance with all user rights is an important requirement for IT solutions in public administration: A smart enterprise search system regulates access to sensitive documents through differentiated search and authorization profiles. In this way, administrations can rule out the possibility of data falling into the wrong hands and thus violating compliance or DSGVO regulations.
  4. Smart search software optimizes processes. The use of AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) makes smart search and analysis software a universal tool for working with data in public administration. Modern search functions can also be used for semantic text analysis, for example, sorting e-mails according to content, filtering documents based on special search profiles or automating the submission of applications. This allows administrative processes to be significantly accelerated and made more efficient.

"It has long been impossible to imagine organizations without intelligent search systems," says Franz Kögl, CEO of IntraFind Software AG. "They understand user intent and the content of complicated documents. They are capable of learning and adapting to changing requirements. In addition, they are able to search through many hundreds of millions of documents in real time and thus also make an important contribution to better citizen services and more efficient organization in public administration."

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