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How Enterprise Search facilitates decision making

Modern enterprise search systems provide fast access to relevant information. This makes them real decision boosters. IntraFind, specialist for enterprise search and artificial intelligence, explains five examples.

IntraFind und Join combine their enterprise search knowledge

Enterprise search and AI specialist IntraFind and Join GmbH, IT project service provider for the integration of intelligent search services, among other things, have entered into a partnership. The aim is to jointly support companies in the implementation of enterprise search projects and the optimization of existing solutions.

Document Intelligence maximizes process efficiency

Document intelligence software extracts relevant information from any text-based files and applications. Integrated into internal and external workflows, it significantly increases the efficiency of companies and government agencies. AI and enterprise search specialist IntraFind presents five use cases for intelligent document analysis.

Enterprise Search spurs the research cycle

Research and development are always confronted with gigantic amounts of data whose valuable content they often have trouble extracting. IntraFind, specialist for enterprise search and artificial intelligence, recommends an AI-powered search engine for this purpose.

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