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Here’s an overview of our latest blog posts on enterprise search, document intelligence and legal tech.
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How public authorities benefit from Enterprise Search

Search and retrieval, knowledge management and smart information logistics are central building blocks for every digitization project - both for companies and public authorities. With a good AI-based search and analysis software, even databases of billions of documents can be efficiently evaluated.

Transfer Learning & Co: Five AI trends for 2020

This year, the topic of artificial intelligence will once again be of interest to companies. As an enterprise search specialist using AI and machine learning methods for its products, we at IntraFind Software AG see five major Trends.

The Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is currently on everyone's lips. Manuel Brunner with his background in many years of project experience at IntraFind describes the important role Enterprise Search can play in this and what you should consider when setting up a digital workplace.

Is Legal Tech only a hype?

Legal Tech – Is this just a buzzword or is there more to it? IntraFind board member Franz Kögl comments on this.

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