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Natural Language Processing – Best Practice

What is natural language processing? What techniques are behind it and for what purpose is NLP used? Breno Faria, Team Lead NLP at the search and AI specialist IntraFind, provides an in-depth overview.

Find hidden data treasures with file share analysis

Enormous amounts of data accumulate on company servers over the years. File share analysis using enterprise search software helps to track down data, analyze its content and uncover hidden knowledge.

Enterprise Search Solutions: Onboard employees quickly and make them productive

When hiring new employees, companies aim to train them as quickly as possible and make them productive. Modern enterprise search software can be a great help here and accelerate the onboarding process.

Implementing an enterprise search software: 5 points to consider

The introduction of enterprise search software is a project that should be well-planned. In the following article, five points are presented that are often ignored, but are crucial for the success of the software introduction.

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